34labs is a brand created by Antonio Prada (me). It was created to group some of the commercial projects that I developed while going through college, both as a freelancer and for myself.

Not all of my projects are displayed here: some of them are just toys, or were never production ready, or I don't have the time to maintain them anymore. For the ones still displayed here I try to do my best to keep them up and working. The exception is Radios de España as it is under active development.

Nowadays I have a proper full-time startup job so I don't have as much free time as I had before. Also, I'm much more focused in the Data Science field. So while you will see new projects coming from me, I doubt they will be published under the 34labs umbrella (at least for now).

If you have any question, proposal, or just want to say hi (hi!), don't hesitate to contact me: